Tuesday, May 18, 2010


actually i was thinking of getting new eyebrow pencil since the only one that i have was from MAC and purposely bought it after my brows been plucked and neaten out for my bridal make-up in 2008..i hardly draw or shape my eyebrow nicely because i am never bother about it though..haha..my usual eye makeup routine will only consists of putting concealer and eye primer, having eyeshadows done, lining up my upper (and lower) eyeline and lastly a coat (normally will be 'coats') of mascara..brows???.....aarrgghh..never mind 'bout it..hehe

but since i saw this one local female celebrity picture in a magazine..with a very natural brownish/bronze make-up plus with very thick (yupp..thick and not super-thin like we used to see before) eyebrow drawn on her face..i was really...really..heart it..AUWWW....

i read a review about this type of eyebrow pencil from SHU UEMURA (see picture below) and its unique japanese sharpening style which said to help ease your brow shaping/drawing...its texture is also harder than other ordinary brow pencil and lasts better as it clings on to natural oils in the brows...

see its unique japanese cutting shape..it's called 'naginata'

being me who would easily been tempted with make-up adverts or reviews either from magazines, tv ads or internet, i decided to try on this SHU UEMURA 'hard brow pencil' and last saturday, i managed to visit its boutique at JJTC and had my eyebrows done by the SA using that 'hard brow pencil'....(yup..i did buy it too..ngehehe)..but..sadly said...i still could not done it by own self...aarrgghhh...wth...(more practices please kartini + practice makes perfect + i can do it +MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!)

besides the hard brow pencil, i also bought the new UV Under Base Mousse + Cleansing Oil (acts as make-up remover as well as cleanser..i heart it) and was very lucky to get travel size set of cleansing oil + moisturizer + toner...uuuhhhhhhh...

UV Under Base Mousse

Cleansing Oil



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